Yoga & macrobiotics holiday retreat in Evia, July 2016

11-17 July 2016

7-day yoga and macrobiotic diet retreat nourishing your body, mind and heart.

Enjoy daily yoga practice, mindful breathing, meditation and healthy food based on the macrobiotic principles in one of the most attractive spots of the island of Evia. Take some time off to relax, swim in the beautiful sea, explore the island and seize the Greek summer.

Just like in yoga, macrobiotics is all about balance. Bringing harmony to the two extremes of nature known as yin and yang and of course to your life. The yoga postures called asanas, the breathing techniques or pranayama in Sanskrit, meditation and the macrobiotic diet are key resources for a healthy and balanced life.

What is included? 6 nights accommodation in a double room, 12 morning and afternoon yoga lessons, freshly prepared daily brunch and dinner, pool facilities, 1 excursion for yoga/meditation in nature, introduction to the macrobiotic diet and philosophy.

Yoga Instructor: Katerina Koronaki

Macrobiotic counselor and chef: Kostas Tzallilas

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