Yoga during pregnancy is bliss for the mama and the baby. First and foremost it helps to keep your body strong and in good health (it strengthens the muscles, improves blood circulation, stimulates a healthy lymph flow etc.). Don’t forget that a healthy mama means a healthy baby.

At the same time, pranayama (breath techniques) and meditation alleviate from stress, provide the body with more oxygen and helps to bond not only with your inner self but also with the new life that you are carrying. It is a great method to tap into deeper consciousness, deal with fears and build a sacred place where you feel secure and can always come back.

Prenatal yoga is a way to connect better with your body and get familiar with the changes that take place during this unique period. It teaches you how to engage your breath, body and mind and at the same time how to let go of things you don’t need as well as to trust your own instincts.

In addition, yoga practice is a vital break from work and the every day routine. It is an opportunity to meditate with and for your baby! Precious moments dedicated to the goddess within that create a sense of ritual, reminding you that you are special. For when we are not good with ourselves how can we be generous to the others?

Last but not least: it is fun and elevates the mood!

Yoga during pregnancy is a gift for a fearless and liberated labor.