The hardest part about your yoga practice is just showing up. And the hardest part of your yoga practice is not showing up.
– Amber Huttner –

Everything flows, nothing stands still.
– Heraclitus –

“What is the fastest? The mind. It travels through everything.”
– Thales –

“I grow old always learning many things.
– Solon the Athenian –

“Know thyself”

“I know one thing, that I know nothing”
– Socrates –

“Live hidden”
– Epicurus –

“Moderation is best”; “Nothing in excess”
– Cleobulus –

“Healthy mind in healthy body” OR: “A healthy body can sustain a healthy mind”

“Ever seeking the truth”
– Diogenes Laertius –

You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.
– Brihadaranyaka Upanishad –

Happiness is not dependent on external circumstances; rather, it is to be found in the simpler joys of life, and most of all in the ever new bliss of deep meditation… Be happy by clinging to the simple, true, and lasting soul-joys. They come by deep thinking, introspection, spiritual inspiration, and meditation.

Be anchored in the Spirit of God, in the realization of the Infinite Being that flows like an ocean through all creation. It is worthwhile in this short season of life to make the effort to gain God-realization. Joy will flow constantly.

Darkness may reign in a cave for thousands of years, but bring in the light, and the darkness vanishes as though it had never been. Similarly, no matter what your defects, they are yours no longer when you bring in the light of goodness.

“Human suffering is not a sign of Gods anger with mankind. But a sign of mans ignorance of the divine law”
– Paramahansa Yogananda –

“Practice and All Is Coming”
– Ashtanga Yoga founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois –

Stand up and fight! Not one step back, that is the idea. Fight it out, whatever comes. Let the stars move from the spheres! Let the whole world stand against us! Death means only a change of garment. What of it? Thus fight! You gain nothing by becoming cowards. Taking a step backward, you do not avoid any misfortune! … Arise! Awake! Stand up and fight!

The Self, the Knower, the Lord of all, the Real Being, is the cause of all the vision that is in the universe, but it is impossible for Him to see Himself or know Himself, excepting through reflection. You cannot see your own face except in a mirror, and so the Self cannot see Its own nature until It is reflected, and this whole universe therefore is the Self trying to realise Itself.
– Swami Vivekananda –

There is a narrow barrier between selfishness & selflessness, love & hatred. After crossing it one enjoys doing things for others without seeking anything in return. This is the highest of all joys, and an essential step in the path of enlightenment.

Fearlessness is also an essential prerequisite for attaining enlightenment. To be completely free from all fears is one step on the path.

No matter where you live, live cheerfully. Cheerfulness is of your own making. It only requires human effort. You have to create cheerfulness for yourself.

You are the architect of your destiny. Death and birth are merely two events of life. You have forgotten your essential nature, and that is the cause of your suffering. When you become aware of this, you are liberated.

The Path of renunciation is the path of the razor’s edge. It is for a fortunate few, and not for all. Non-attachment and knowledge of the self are two important prerequisites on this path.

The path of action however is equally helpful provided one knows how to do one’s actions selflessly & skillfully, living in the world yet remaining above. The goal of both remains the same.

“ ‘East is East and West is West’ is a primitive idea. Modern man has reached the moon! The West is advanced in technology, and the East in spirituality. Why not build a bridge of understanding? That the West is much to share with the East is beyond doubt – but the East also has something to contribute to the West. The flower of the West without the fragrance of the East is a flower in vain.”
– Swami Rama –

“None but ourselves can free our minds”
– Bob Marley –

“All things must pass”
– George Harrison –

How long will you think about this painful life?
How long will you think about this harmful world?
The only thing it can take from you is your body.
Don’t say all this rubbish and stop thinking.

Turn each of your thoughts into a bird
and let them fly to the other world.
One is an owl, one is a falcon, one is a crow.
Each one is different from the others
but they are all the same in silence.

What veils us from God is time.
Burn up the past and future,
for there is no greater obstacle
than the loss of Now.

To live without You
is to be robbed of Love
and what is life without it?
To live without You
is death to me, my Love
but some call it life.
– Rumi –

“He is born in vain who, having attained the human birth, so difficult to get, does not attempt to realise God in this very life.”
– Sri Ramakrishna –

In the morning, when you walk, become aware of your infinite nature. You are like the sky. You are infinity. And walk with that infinite nature. Move through this world like a white cloud, unstained, untouched.
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar –

The moment you feel you are no longer dependent on anyone, a deep coolness and a deep silence settles inside, a relaxed let-go.
It does not mean you stop loving.
On the contrary, for the first time you know a new quality, a new dimension of love — a love that is no longer biological, a love that is closer to friendliness than any relationship.
That’s why I am not even using the word friendship, because that “ship” has drowned so many people.

Enlightenment is when all hope disappears. Enlightenment is disappearance of hope. Don’t be disturbed when I say that enlightenment is a state of hopelessness — it is not negative. Hope arises no more; desire is created no more. Future disappears. When there is no desire there is no need for the future. The canvas of the future is needed for the desire. You paint your desires on the canvas of the future — when there is nothing to paint, why should you carry the canvas unnecessarily? You drop it.

Whatsoever is, feel grateful for it. Don’t ask for more and you will be cutting the very roots of the mind. Mind lives in the more. If you have money it says, “Have more.” If you have knowledge it says, “Have more.” Whatsoever you have – it doesn’t matter what it is – mind says “More”, and it goes on saying “More, more…” When you have attained that, again it is there asking for more. That more is unquenchable.
– Osho –

Mind, Prana, body and the senses are instruments only. The real Seer is the Self who is pure, unchanging, eternal, self-luminous, self-existent, self-contained, infinite and immortal. When you begin to identify yourself with this immortal, all-pervading Self, all miseries will come to an end.
– Swami Sivananda –

Om Namah Shivaya ♆

By constant contemplation on God the mind should be turned away from mundane desires. That is the way to transcend the dualities of pain and pleasure. Man has to wake up from the sleep of ignorance and realize his divine essence. When worldly desires are reduced, bliss will be experienced. Along with the control of desires, men should also get rid of Ahamkara (ego). Men today are filled with fear because they have no confidence in themselves. A bird can brave a storm because it has faith in its wings. But man succumbs to the slightest reverses of fortune because he does not rely on the power of the Spirit. People must rely primarily on the power of the Divine. With confidence in the Self, they should devote themselves to good deeds. This is the purpose of life. Every step you take must bring you nearer to God.
Let anybody speak hundreds of things against you, do not react by giving any bitter reply.
– Sai Baba of Shirdi –

The supreme calling of every human being is to aspire to self realization. All other obligations are secondary.

Only actions that kindle man’s divine nature are worthy of the name of actions.

To find yourself is to find God, and to find God is to find yourself.
– Sri Anandamayi Ma –

With earnestness, love and goodwill carry out life’s everyday duties and try to elevate yourself step by step. In all human activities let there be a live contact with the Divine and you will not have to leave off anything. Your work will then be done well and you will be on the right track to find the Master. Just as a mother nourishes her child with all possible care and affection and makes him grow up into a healthy boy and a handsome youth, so you will find the subtle touches of the Divine Mother shaping your inner life and making you reach your full height and stature. Whatever work you have to do, do it with a singleness of purpose, with all the simplicity, contentment and joy you are capable of. Thus only will you be able to reap the best fruit of work. In fullness of time, the dry leaves of life will naturally drop off and new ones shoot forth.

From Mother as Revealed to Me- Sri Anandamayi Ma, by Bhaiji

If you just try to keep quiet, all will come — the work, the strength for work, the right motive. Must you know everything beforehand? Don’t be anxious about your future — be quiet now and all will fall in place. The unexpected is bound to happen, while the anticipated may never come. Don’t tell me you cannot control your nature. You need not control it. Throw it overboard. Have no nature to fight, or to submit to. No experience will hurt you, provided you don’t make it into a habit. Of the entire universe you are the subtle cause. All is because you are. Grasp this point firmly and deeply and dwell on it repeatedly. To realize this as absolutely true, is liberation.

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj –