Yoga is an art through the heart, mind and body with alternations between motion and stillness, organic energy and physical strength. The yoga Katerina instructs is dynamic hatha. It is based on a mixture of different influences and techniques that reflect her view of asanas (body positions) as a constant flow with grace, right alignment and balanced breath. The flow of vinyasa, the intensity of ashtanga and the Anusara Principles of Alignment are woven together in every class.
Poets, musicians and painters used to ask the divine favor for inspiration and creativity with offers, prayers and deep concentration. That is exactly how a yoga session begins: by looking inside, listening to the breath, offering the practice, connecting with the self, feeling the present moment right here and right now. For NOW is always the right time to practice yoga. As Patanjali teaches us through the Sutras: atha yoga anushasanam: NOW the study and practice of Yoga begins.
A balanced yoga class consists of chanting, concentration, breathing techniques, physical exercise and mediation that co-create a unique dance of bliss!
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